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Who Are We


The WIIU or Workers' International Industrial Union is made up of working people who understand that Capitalism does not work in our interests. To that end it is our purpose to organize the working class in such a way as to speed the day when a system which will make life better for all can be put in place.


Our Immediate Goals


Our primary goal at this point is to bring as many workers as possible into the movement and the union.

We do this by revealing the fraud that is Capitalism and showing how we as workers are robbed on a daily basis.

We also show the workers that by organizing both politically and at our jobs we can one day bring into being a new society which will benefit all.

We wish to build an international movement of workers, a movement that will begin the process of ending wage slavery and class rule.

We will educate workers on how to organize in such a way that we as workers will finally begin to win the battles for higher wages and better working conditions.

By organizing industrially and not by trade workers will finally be united into one force determined to bring about economic as well as true political democracy.


Our Immediate Demands


In keeping with that portion of the preamble of the WIIU Constitution, "....and while the capitalist rule still prevails, all possible relief for the workers must be secured...." We make the following demands:


No more involuntary unemployment. Everyone who wants a job should have one. There are plenty of needs in society that go unaddressed which would provide employment for all able bodied working people.

A complete repeal of all anti-union legislation. All workers should be guaranteed the right to organize free from threats or interference from employers.

Replace the minimum wage with a living wage. Compensate workers at a level which will guarantee that they can both provide for their families and also enjoy the things which make for a full and fulfilling life.

Mandatory paid vacation for all workers, a minimum of four weeks per year.

Institute the 30 hour workweek with no reduction in pay. All hours worked over 30 would become overtime.

Institute employer paid pensions for all workers. These pensions would be adjusted annually for cost of living increases as the need may arise. Outlaw 401k or similar risky retirement plans.

Full employer paid health plans for all workers.

No penalties and full compensation for workers who must take time off for illnesses.

Require all employers to provide child care as needed for all workers with children younger than school age.

Forgive all current student loan debt. Higher education costs to be based on student's ability to pay without incurring massive debt.

Place a strong emphasis on all programs which insure worker health and safety. All workers injured or disabled on the job to be compensated at their full rates of pay until they recover and return to work or for the rest of their lives if permanently disabled.

All "at will" employment laws repealed. No firings or lay-offs without just and verifiable cause.

Remove all laws restricting ballot access. Re-instate equal time policies for all media outlets, giving smaller and less well funded parties, especially working class parties, access to the airwaves to promote their campaigns.





 The Workers' International Industrial Union, 

An Introduction

If you want to know more about the W.I.I.U.  a short video giving the basic program and principles of the Workers' International Industrial Union has been produced.

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